Rainbow Cookies

or Lollipop Cookies or Play Dough Cookies...what ever you want to call them, they are fun and yummy!

This is a batch we made last summer...I love the one Jack made right there in the center! Too funny right? It's not that he can't do the steps needed to get the job done, it's that he has REALLY hot hands. And you need to keep the dough cooler to get the job done (I was having him run his hands in cold water before he worked even...no help!). Doesn't matter though because he loved making these (and we made quite a few batches over the last year) and they are really fun to make a bunch and give them away too!

So we start with this recipe (we just ignore the lollipop stick part)...pretty simple and usually we have everything on hand (minus the cream cheese). Follow the directions to make the dough and then divide the dough in fourths and dye with food coloring. You could use paste or gel dye, but we did these with egg dye and they are pretty bright as it is! Wrap each color individually and chill for two hours.

And that's the start of a lot of waiting with this recipe...it's not hard to do at all (in fact, it's pretty foolproof), you just have to have time on your hands. After you chill the dough, take it out and make 3/4 inch-sized balls of dough. And even though the recipe doesn't say this, when you are done, put them back in the fridge for a 1/2 hour or so. The reason is that this step takes awhile and you want your colors to all be the same temp so they blend the same way. If one color is warmer, it will spread easier and kind of take over in the next steps.

So after you chill them a second time, take one small ball of each color and roll together. It looks like a hacky sack to me. Then roll it into a long snake about 12 inches long. Then start at one end and coil it up into a circle. The pic below shows each step (can you believe I took pics like this before I even had a blog? must have planned to post them on twitter or something!).

I just love how little he looks here and this was less than a year ago!

Okay, back to the recipe...it says to space kind of far apart but they do not spread too much (a little, but nothing crazy), so an inch or two apart is fine. I really like how they come out. With the four colors every one looks different and bright and cheery. And you can make them with different colors for different occasions too...like say you wanted to make tiger stripe cookies, you just use two orange & two black together instead of four different colors.
Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows you knows you are a picture freak. You took those pictures before you blogged because you are the same gal that had 150 pictures of Jack as a baby and that was only the first day of his life. See how it all works out now that you blog?

Leslie said...

We might have the same brain . . . but you're way better at follow-through than I am! Have I mentioned that you're my hero?! All I do is collect cute ideas -- you actually make them! Woo hoo to you!!! Love the cookies, and I'll bet they're totally yummy, too!!

southern daze said...

So bright & cheery - love them!

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