Rainbow Crafts

My kids love rainbows (I mean really...what kid doesn't love rainbows?) so we usually do some rainbow things around St. Patrick's Day (make sure to come back next week to check out Jack's 2nd annual rainbow cake for his sister's birthday!). However with everyone being sick this year, things have been a little slow on the crafting side of life lately.

Last weekend Jack and I were out shopping and we found these rainbow string lanterns (along with a lot of other great stuff) at World Market for $6. Jack was sold immediately and I figured, why not...6 dollars!?

Then Saturday night (while Matt & the kids picked up our carry-out for the floor picnic), I thought about doing a rainbow dessert. Kids sick means limited errands which means limited food options at my disposal. I decided to do an ice cream toppings bar in rainbow colors. It was tough, but I actually came up with something for each color!

{green marshmallows, purple skittles, orange fruit nuggets, blue jimmies, lemonade powder, twizzlers pull & peel licorice}

I was going to give commentary on how dated some of the items were, etc, but instead let's keep it positive and focus on how I hand picked the blue jimmies out of a rainbow mix. That is a woman dedicated to her last minute dessert idea!

So, here is Matt's bowl with all the fixings. Yep, Dad took one for the team and ate all the toppings (don't tell anyone but my bowl included the marshmallows with chocolate chips & graham goldfish for a yummy smores sundae instead). Anyway, the thing I was most worried about was the lemonade powder, but that was Matt's favorite topping. The worst in his opinion were the orange nuggets which froze up into rocks! Ooops!

Jack got points for most creative (and he was very proud) for creating a snowman out of his!

So the weekend ended and Jack got sick again. Ugh! Tonight everyone seemed to be doing a little better so while I fed the baby, Jack & EJ made these rainbow decorations out of paper plates. I mean what could be simpler than cutting a paper plate in half and handing it off for them to create their own art? EJ colored hers with crayon and Jack used paint pens.

Then I added a line of white glue along the bottom and they added the clouds (cotton balls). We hole punched the top, added some ribbon to hang them with and my dining room got a lot prettier!

Ej's finished rainbow

Jack's rainbow (yes he made me cut out the center because he didn't want white plate showing...high maintenance! where would he have gotten that from anyway?).

After Jack was done eating dinner, EJ still had a LOT left to eat (anyone who has had dinner with my kids is not surprised at all by this statement)! Jack and I had gone through our yarn stash over the weekend and precut rainbow colors in hopes to make a braided bracelet (seen here) at some point during the week. No time like the present right?

Jack worked so hard at it. He would go so far and then take it apart...start again and be unhappy with it and take it apart...ask me how to hold the yarn, try again and then take it apart... (And he was SO patient because things were not exactly calm around him to say the least.)

And then all of the sudden he yelled, "Mom, I think I've got it now!" The parallel with my recent crochet experience was too much! I've always said he and I were similar, but this solidified that theory!

Oh and with the new rainbow bracelet, I tried my best (again) to get him to let me cut off his old, faded, pathetic wristband from Mexico...two months ago. You can see for yourself that I did not win the battle yet!

After bath, I quickly braided a bracelet for EJ too (luckily she has very small wrists as bedtime was late tonight)! She was so proud to have a bracelet "just like Jackie's!"
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

huge fan of the rainbow crafts!!! and that jack is quite the crafter, isn't he? ;)

Leslie said...

You seriously amaze me!! Between you & T, I'm feeling like the most uncreative momma on the planet! You both rock at the extracurriculars!!

And what's with kids and bracelets?? Meg has been wearing a bracelet from the JMBA since September! It used to be orange, but the color has pretty much rubbed off! Goofy kids!

Karri said...

cute cute cute!! I need some of those rainbows around my house w/ this dreary weather.

finally...someone else in this state who calls them by the correct name --jimmies.

Jackie said...

Rainbows are the perfect decor for now! and I want some of those lanterns, they rock! Owen is obsessed with rainbows, I get drawings every day with them on it. He'd love that simple plate craft...again, why the heck could I have not thought of something so simple and so perfect...you rock!

southern daze said...

You are so crafty! I wish I had just an ounce of your creativity!!

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