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My birthday was last month and while I had a good day, it wasn't the best birthday I've ever had. Matt had class so we couldn't do our normal birthday traditions, there was a snowstorm, plans with my friends got canceled. I had fun, but I also had a little pity party too and kind of hated myself for being a whiner. I knew it up to me to turn things around for myself, but I didn't...I pouted instead! P-A-thetic!

This week I read {on Everyday Celebrating} what Robyn did to celebrate her 38th birthday and I was SO inspired! You see Robyn and her family spent the day out and about in their city with the goal of doing 38 random acts of kindness. Here she is...Isn't she cute? (and look how happy she is too!)

{image courtesy of Mix Mingle Glow}

They set out with a list but kind of let the day lead them too. They did things like: handing out cocoa to ice skaters, feeding parking meters, taking toys to the hospital, reading to kids at the bookstore, leaving a note & treat for the mailman, and taping quarters to the Coke machine. My favorite of her deeds was buying a gift card to the grocery store and then turning around and handing it to the woman behind her in line. What a great way to spend your day...doing something of value...awesome for others and rewarding for you! Really the perfect way to fill your day with happiness and joy!

Oh, and I almost forgot about the other great thing she did! When people asked what she wanted for her birthday, she asked them to do one act of random kindness and then text, email, facebook or tweet it to her. You can read the full list of Robyn's 38 acts as well as her "gifts" from friends and strangers alike here.

Here's what Robyn had to say about the experience:
"With the exception of my wedding day and the days I gave birth to my children, my 38th birthday was by far the best day of my life. We were both exhilarated and exhausted but mostly reminded how opportunities to help others are all around us all the time; we’re just usually too busy to notice."

I was floored and so inspired! I mean seriously...I encourage my kids to be generous at each of their birthdays and I decide to be whiny on mine? No more for this chicka! I'm going to start a new birthday tradition of giving next year for sure! And it will be good practice for my "40 acts of kindness" blowout the year after that!!!
Karri said...

that's awesome!

southern daze said...

I LOVE THIS!!! What a wonderful thing to do! I think I just may need to do this same thing for my next birthday. So, so great!!!

I think feeling a little "woe is me" on your birthday is pretty normal when things don't work out like you'd planned. All of our lives we've been programmed to see it as "our day." One where we can do whatever we want and fill it how we please.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

simply beautiful!! hmm ... 42 acts of random kindness for me? i think that might be very rewarding!

and this post is pushing me to post about my very humbling christmas experience this year ...

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Oh wow! What a great idea! And yes, she did look like she was having a great time. Thanks for passing it along & thanks for the reminder not to whine. Why is that so difficult to learn?!?!

Thanks for coming by Blissfully Domestic & leaving a comment for me today. I really appreciated it!

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