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Have you ever sponsored an animal at the zoo? Surprisingly, we never have. Well, we have as a gift to others, but have never done it in our own name...until now! It seemed obvious that the perfect birthday gift for EJ would be to sponsor the new tiger cubs, Tula & Nuri, at our local zoo.

{photo courtesy of the Milwaukee County Zoo}

EJ asked all her friends to bring donations for the tigers instead of gifts. She is young for this concept (we didn't start it with Jack until age 5), but I think she got it and (as usually happens) she really didn't miss the gifts at all!!! So thanks to some very generous friends (and a little from Mom & Dad too), EJ was able to donate $150 towards her sponsorship of the tigers! Yay!!

To help EJ really understand what we were doing, I contacted the zoo to see if it was possible to turn in our donation in person. Luckily that was no problem and in fact, Becky welcomed us into her office and told EJ all about how the money would be used to help the tigers.

She also had a couple fun things for EJ...a photo of the cubs, a donor sticker, a fact sheet about the tigers, zoo train passes, and a super cute stuffed tiger! I think you can all tell that this tiger has not left EJ's side since she got him. Oh and she named him DJ...real creative huh?

You'd think that the stuffed tiger would be her favorite thing, but I honestly think she is more proud of this certificate Becky made her. She knows her name is on it and that it says that she helped the tiger cubs. I really think that she not only "gets it" but that she's proud of how she helped with her birthday gifts!

I know that her friends' donations and this visit were the best birthday gifts EJ could have received this year. I also know that this summer will be filled with lots of zoo trips to visit HER special friends...Tula & Nuri!

An animal sponsorship does make a great gift (especially for an animal-loving child) too! If you're in our area, please click here for more information about sponsoring an animal at our zoo.
tracie @ tsj photography said...

SO sweet!! look at her!! she's so proud ... i love it!

Leslie said...

Heather, that is so cool! I have no doubt that ej totally gets it! You're raising your kids to be generous spirits -- something the world needs more of! yay!!!

beckley said...

that's awesome!

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