Tiger Party Invitations

When EJ & I started planning her tiger/animal party, the first thing I thought of was the invitation design. I wanted a simple face on a circle card where I could print the information on the back...easy peasy, right? Well...I am no artist and I started looking for simple drawings of tiger faces on the web, but didn't have the best of luck. So in the end, I looked at a bunch of different things for inspiration and then just started cutting out black and white paper ala Eric Carle. Jack & Matt's feedback (ears too teddy bear-like, eyes not scary enough, mouth too round) was super helpful and I just kept cutting away until I had a prototype they approved. Then I went to the birthday girl and she LOVED it!

So...next step was to send a scan of the outline of the prototype to Nellie who hooked me up and sent me back an outline in Illustrator (thanks again my friend!). From there I sized it to what I wanted and laid out the text for the backside. Then I just printed them and cut out the tiger shape. That part was the simple part!

For the face side, I purchased label sheets in black and white. I traced my cut paper designs on to the labels (10 times for each shape), cut them out, and ended up with this.

So how did I get from that to this?

Actually once everything was cut, it was fun to get the face into shape. Kind of like a grown-up version of Colorforms!

So, then I had planned to make the envelopes too. Basically I had to make the envelopes because the invite was an odd size (those ears throw things off a bit). But for some reason I thought 8.5X11 cardstock would be sufficient. It was not. I was pretty proud of myself though, because it didn't take me too long to have a great idea. I folded the cardstock in half, trimmed the side to fit the tiger face, and closed the sides with double-sided tape leaving the top open. Then I slid the invite inside so the tiger ears peeked out of the top. This worked out perfectly as I was hand-delivering all the invitations anyway. Yay!

So here is the finished product...envelope

front of invite

back/printed side of invite

Best part is the invites are super fun to play with too!
tracie @ tsj photography said...

so super loved this!!!!

Jackie said...

I'm saving this one for sure...it's too cute to throw away and it's sure to inspire something someday!! oooh and i'm really excited that we made the blog :)

Karri said...

so super cute!!!!!

southern daze said...

You. Are. Brilliant.

Milwaukee Cupcake Queen said...

Hey Martha...

Grateful to have you in my life said...

Thank you for all your work preparing for the party. The effort and attention you continously give are inspiring. Our kids are so lucky to have the best mom in the world!

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