Baseball Junkie

How do you know it's baseball season again? Well, in our house opening day looks a little like this!

{april 5, 2010}

And I will start finding tons of these scraps of paper filled with game stats (from both real & fictional games of course).

Easter baskets are filled with baseball pjs, new Brewers hats, and baseball-themed books & movies.

Baseball Guys fill the playroom during rainy days...

and sunny days are filled with lots of games of catch and batting practice (t-ball season is coming up fast).

{april 4, 2010}

As soon as he gets "big time" enough for a number, I'm totally getting one of these! Cute right?

Oh and we certainly do our fair share of hanging out in this cool place!

{april 6, 2010}

I found these on etsy and know a couple people in our life who need a set for sure!
tracie @ tsj photography said...

ohmygoodness! i brought the box up to comment and hunter came near, looking at the screen and goes, "are those the racing sausages?" ... too funny!

Jackie G said...

Hooray for Brewers baseball!!! Love the magnets...what a fun idea!

Leslie said...

I'm shocked -- Jack doesn't seem to be the obsessive type!! LOL! :-) How fun for him!!!! Lovin' the racing sausage magnets!!

heather said...

I know's crazy! It's funny though cause I always say he doesn't have ONE thing like a lot of his friends do (legos, star wars, scooby-do, etc) but I forget about baseball. Definitely his THING! :-)

emilee rose said...

That all looks like so much fun! The Sandlot was one of my favorite movies as a kid, too! I hope Jack loves his t-ball!

Afternoons I dream of said...

Sitting on the couch, cheering the Brewers, with the remote in his lap. My little boy is turning into a man!

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