DIY Sticker Books

My kids LOVE stickers, but they tend to either wear them for the day on their shirt and then have nowhere to put them or they want to put them somewhere special but once they do they are stuck there forever. So when I saw this awesome tutorial I knew I had the perfect sticker books for my kiddos! The interior pages are wax paper so the stickers are removable, there is a pocket on the front to store your sticker pages and it's a nice size for a kid (not too big, not too small).

And of course as long as I was making them for my kids, why not make a couple extras for some Easter gifts. These are my first creations...they are actually really quick to put together once the papers are cut and the wax paper is ironed.

I followed the tutorial so strictly that there is truly no point in going over the steps here again. I had originally thought that I might make them bigger in size or add more pages, but these instructions are very well thought out. The size works perfectly for using standard copy paper for your interior pages and with the size of the wax paper roll...why make it difficult by switching it up? The only change I made was on the front pocket. I decided not to sew and instead used pva glue to attach the cardstock pocket then added rickrack/ribbon to the edge with glue to finish it off. The book ends up very sturdy due to the stitched binding and the small size & number of pages.

This is the next batch I made. Not too much different for the girls...

But some changes to make them more boy-ish. The sports paper is actually gift wrap so I backed it with white cardstock for stability.

I think they came out pretty darn cute (don't judge my rubber stamping skills) and I can't wait to see what my kids think about them. I'm also curious to see how they hold up to my crazy 3-year-old!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

these are SO great!! the girls absolutely loved them!

thank you, thank you!!

Jackie said...

ditto here! what a perfect idea for sticker loving kids. I bet ours will be filled in no time! Thank you so much! Oh and the rubber stamping adds that super cute touch I think!

urban craft said...

I've got a sticker crazed little boy. This should be great.

Karri said...

great idea!!

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