Easter photo rundown

Our Easter weekend started on Saturday and ended just this morning with the bunny's late drop-off (it's tough to balance a travel weekend with a Daddy gone from sun-up to sun-down on Monday)...long, but super fun!

It all started with our trip to Minnesota to meet this little guy! He's pretty cute right?

And tiny too (or maybe that's just because he's next to his ginormous cousin)!

I had a cameraman, so talked Daddy into taking a pic of me with all my littles...yay!

And of course we took a pic with all the cousins! All 9 of them are finally here!

This is my oldest nephew and my youngest nephew...it seems surreal that Nathan is almost 13 (seriously?). He was 8 months old when we got married for goodness sake...so not cool growing up on me like that mister!

And Miss Izzy? She's all about the babies (as you can see by her huge smile)!

Here are my kiddos on Easter morning (thanks for the super cute jammies Auntie!).

Miles all dressed up for the day too...he was pretty formal!

While it looks like all we did was take pics, there was lots of action too, including a super fun egg hunt!

And lots of playing with fun cousins too! We were the last family in to town, so stayed after everyone else left. This is EJ staring out the window at her cousins' cars driving away!

Oh and that happy baby you always see? Well, she can shoot a mean look or two when she isn't happy!

That all changed when Uncle Dan took her on the swing for a solid hour though!

I couldn't resist this shot...

or this one!

...or this one either.

Back home, we finally got to dyeing eggs...

And the Easter Bunny got our note and dropped off the baskets first thing this morning. Livie found hers first.

Jack was next...

And EJ took awhile, but ended up finding hers too (although Jack told us that the Easter Bunny hid EJ's in the same place last year!).

Some of their favorite things...

It was an awesome Easter for sure!!!
tracie @ tsj photography said...

holy picture post! you're turning into me!! LOVE it! ;)

looks like you guys had an awesome time ... i'm so glad for you! everyone is getting so big ... unbelievable! and, um, considering there's almost a year difference between miles & livie ... i'm thinking he may be a tad on the large side too! ;)

love the whole cousin crew shot!

Jackie said...

Fun times it looked like!!

LOVE the Easter jammies...so so cute!

Thank goodness Easter bunnies can be flexible! I don't think Santa is quite that flexible!

southern daze said...

Love those pjs!

Bridget said...

I love the comment about hiding the basket in the same place as last year. I remember writing notes as a little kid to the Easter bunny and asking him to please not hide it behind the curtain or hanging in the coat closet because he had hid them there twice already! Hey, he's got a lot to keep track of!

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