Movement Gifts

Ever put together a really fun gift, so you end up gifting it a lot? Well, now that I've given this one a couple times, I thought I would share it with you...just in case you think it's cool too!

I got the idea when EJ's friend Abbie got a Stick-it Balance Beam for Christmas. A vinyl strip with a velcro backing that sticks down to carpet and comes in a super cute personalized bag. EJ & Abbie played with hers for hours, so I knew it would more than likely be a hit with a couple little girls in my life.

Then to round out the gift a bit, I added a book full of ideas we are having a blast with, a hula hoop from Nelson's (who else is surprised they have a web site?), and a reaction ball. Yep, that's that funny looking yellow ball. When you throw it down it bounces around in crazy patterns which forces the kid to run around to catch it. I think it helps their reaction time and stuff (I think that's what Jackie said when she recommended it), but I just like that they get a good amount of exercise chasing it while having fun (this one is a big winner with Jack too).

As you can see, our newly emptied playroom is the perfect interior gym space and the kids have been having a blast the last day or so with EJ's birthday present. I hope the other girls liked their gift just as much!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

hunter and the girls totally love playing with it!!! great idea! {as always!} :)

southern daze said...

What a fantastic idea!

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