Playroom Storage

Remember when I emptied out the playroom for Olivia's party? It's still mostly empty...two weeks later! This is proving two things to me. One is that my kids truly do have too much stuff and the other is that I am SO lazy! I mean, honestly, all the toys are in my upper hallway and I'm just walking around them each morning? (which is especially sad, because that hallway is the one place I would really like to work on...I have an idea I really like for the space!)

So this morning, I did a little web searching for some inspiration. I know the room already has a lot going on with the painted walls in there, but if this purge/reorganization is going to work (and stay clean & reorganized), I'm going to need help with a system!

Isn't this cute? Unfortunately this kind of set-up leaves no room for the playroom to become a baseball field when Jack can't get outside.

{via Land of Nod}

I love the airy feel of this one (or maybe I'm just completely obsessed with the paper poof?).

{via flickr}

This one is sparking ideas for our old house! This set-up would have been perfect there. Think I should forward it to them?

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My party-planning might scream otherwise, but I'm not a big fan of themes in rooms. I mean I kind of am (like the big kids room has book pages framed around the room), but not when it goes so far that it excludes things from the room. I guess I'm kind of a "decorate as you go" kind of person (as things come into my life that I think are cool, I make them work) as opposed to a "get it all done and then never change it" kind of person. Anyway, I had to include this room due to a little ladybug girl I know who would absolutely love this!

{via hgtv}

And on to another theme room...I love the beachy look of this, as well as the very organized shelves. However, I'm pretty sure it would take Olivia about 10 minutes to decimate those buckets and wreck the clean feel (in every sense of the word) it has now!

{via pottery barn kids}

I think what I'm learning is that I'm going to have to go up the walls with storage options and...

{via flickr}

I need to get my booty to IKEA. Pronto! For something like this (they even have a wall-mount version)...

and to explore the possibilities a bit! I need the perfect storage option so that the baby can still get into her toys and the big kids can protect theirs! Brilliant ideas accepted in comment form!

{via flickr}

P.S. Anybody want to watch a couple gorgeous, but mischievous, girls while I shop?
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i say take your fav piece/idea from each of these gorgeous ... throw them together and call it your own!

Leslie said...

Hey!!! I'll go to Ikea with you, and even wrangle a kid or 2!! I just asked Mike if he'd go down there with me, and he looked a little ill. So I think that means "no." I'm sure they'd have a ton of great options for you! And I like Tracie's idea, too!

Jackie said...

Um, I'll watch your girls but I'd rather go to Ikea with you :)

I also like Tracie's idea.

Yes, you are going to have to build (or buy) yourself some shelves that are not climbable! OR be able to put stuff in locked doors (but openable by the bigs) I love my new ikea storage, it's worked out so well that I want more!

AND...I LOVE the ladybug room...but I couldn't do that either, I need to be able to grow in my rooms too :)

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