Snapshot of our week

This past week has been a weird one...busy but fun, followed up with a super fun weekend (but again a busy one)! So now everyone is beyond tired but excited to get back on the usual schedule too! Anyway, thought I'd share some quick pics to catch you up a bit!

Liv started carrying around her jammie pants during the day. Why? We're not sure! She either plays peek-a-boo with them or...

she wraps them around her neck like a scarf. She crawls around like this too. Not sure if she's embracing accessories or what?

I did a lot of baking.

But I also tried to get some time outside on the playground as it has been gorgeous this week. Check out our pretty tulips (and don't mind the camera strap in was windy that day)!

A little game night action...

EJ went to a princess party where she got her first manicure (she also had her face painted & left with a ring pop...she was in heaven). She loved it (a bit too much as she gave herself her own manicure on Sunday...not so fun...for anyone involved, including her!) and was pretty proud of her grown-up self as you can see!

The puzzle that would not go was finished & put away Saturday morning just hours before the party (but many Dad hours were spent getting Jack ahead a bit so Mom didn't have to clean it up unfinished).

Olivia turned one!

I have found a new snack obsession. The only reason my second bag isn't finished is I moved on to cookie-eating this weekend!

We had an after-party with the pillows from the "movie room." Matt started making pillow stacks for them to jump into but ended by burying EJ & Jack and having Olivia show them who was boss!

We did Walk MS on Sunday in support of the fabulous Auntie Tracie. We had a wonderful day with great weather and awesome friends! Thanks to everyone for your generous donations to our team!!!

Oh, and Olivia found a new friend too!

And I woke up Sunday to find an amazing message from my best friend on the chalkboard! Now that's a great way to start the week!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

now THAT is a blessed week my friend!!

southern daze said...

Sounds like a fantastic week! I love that it was filled with cookies, blooming flowers, good friends, and parties galore. Still wish I could have joined you all for the MS Walk but I was definitely with you in spirit. The only bone I have to pick with you is that I fear your new snack is going to become a new favorite of mine as well!

Jackie said...

and now Matt wins husband of the year for that! After all your hard deserved that! You are a great mom with a great family! What an awesome week!!

King of the Pillow Mountain said...

The feet sticking out of the pile of pillows cracks me up!

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