Thank you for your support!

Walk MS was this past Sunday and wow, did our team have an awesome day! I mean, just look at this ginormous group (and some people are missing from the pic).

Thank you to everyone who supported our team with donations, thoughts, prayers, and love. I hope you learned a little more about MS in the process and I hope we have helped raise more money for more research for a cure to come soon! As of today, our team has raised over $7200. Just incredible!!

Well, about as incredible as that woman in the front...see her there? Right behind my pigtailed cutie? Yep, there is our awesome friend Tracie! I say "our" because every person in this photo loves her with all their heart. She is an incredible friend to each one of us and I know I am not alone in saying, I was proud to walk along side of her!

Thanks again for all of your support! It means the world to me!!! As I said on Tracie's post about the walk, we plan to be right there beside her again next year, but hope & pray that a cure is found before then so we don't even need to have a walk!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

no ... thank YOU for your support!! :)

love you!

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