A topsy-turvy week

Things around here might be a little light this week, because things at my house are a little upside-down right now. For example this is our upstairs hallway, which now contains the contents of...

our downstairs playroom! A little weird huh?

We needed to clear the space as part of our getting ready for Livie's birthday party on Saturday. I've got a lot of other things to get done too, but I have been feeling a lot better about the timing of everything as of today. It's just going to take some concentration and planning on my part (and none of my usual procrastination) to get the jobs all done!

And why completely clean out the playroom? Well, I knew it would be nice to have room for 8-10 big kids to lounge in, as we're using the playroom as our movie theater for the party, but it's honestly more about cleaning up the playroom. With this family it's best to take it all out, sort through it, decide what we're donating (which honestly needs to be quite a bit I think) and then put it all back in a reasonable fashion so we can actually use the playroom again.

Besides, it might all be stuffed upstairs, but as Jack told me tonight...it stacks well!
Karri said...

Did you paint the playroom yourself?

And wow- I love the window in the playroom!

Unknown said...

we're having a rummage sale this weekend, if you have a chance to go through the playroom stuff by then.

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