Wisdom from children's books

I've been working on a few projects for Olivia's birthday party next week and one of them led me to this great book. It's filled with all kinds of great quotes from children's books and while I didn't get what I wanted for the project, I found some wonderful quotes that I wanted to remember and share.

This quote just cracked me up. I think it may have been written just for me (well if you add a Diet Coke to the list).

Um yeah, I totally get that! On the positive side, time flies when you're making something you love. And on the negative side, when you tend to create things on a deadline, it seems that time always passes too quickly.

These quotes are incredible! I mean seriously motivating right? I know that I loved this book as a kid, and yet, I can't remember the plot at all. I think I have a reason to revisit it and maybe gain some adult insight. That is what is truly amazing about books...each time you read them, they are a brand new adventure.