Baby's first photo album

Photographs are really important to me (big surprise right?), but now I find I only print photos to frame. I have photo albums, but I don't think they go past 2003. I have made three special photo albums for my kids though and they are looked at every single day! Durable plastic sleeves (that even Olivia hasn't figured out how to get the photos out of), chew-proof, easy to clean and very well-loved. Honestly...these albums are used more than any other book or toy in our house!

I bought the first one when Jack was just a baby. His Godmother, Great Grandma and Aunt & Uncle lived far away and we thought it would be a cool way for him to remember them. We had tons of photos to choose from (he is our first-born after all) but we decided to include photos of him with each family member. I don't know if that did the trick (seeing himself) or if babies like faces as much as the experts say, but he loved it and as he grew up he loved "reading" his book, telling us each person on each page.

In fact, it was such a hit that we bought two books for Elizabeth when she was born. One was filled with photos of everyone in our extended family (labeled in Spanish so her foster mother could read the names to her) and was left with her after we visited. The other was filled (very quickly) with photos of those same family members WITH her when she came home. It is one of her most cherished possessions.

As you can see above, Olivia's album and EJ's album are the same type. St. Nick brought Olivia's book and I cannot explain the crying fit with screaming (not kidding) that EJ threw because she thought St. Nick had given Olivia HER book! We had to show her that Livie's was empty and label them right there and then to stop it! Liv's book is almost filled...just three more photos to go.

{Great Grandma & Jack on Grandma's birthday (the day before Jack turned 1), EJ & Auntie Tracie about 10 minutes after we arrived home from the airport, Matt & me with EJ about 20 minutes after we first met, & Grandma Kristin when there were only grandsons (we are currently at 4 boys, 5 girls). Oh and Nate is 7 in this pic...same age as the boys are now}

Something I love about these books is that they truly snap a moment in time for us to revisit again and again. It's also SO cool that the kids tend to love to look at each other's books as much as their own. For Jack and EJ, I think it's cool to see themselves (and their siblings) as babies. I've also noticed Jack going through each one and noting how many more people (cousins mostly) are in the girls' books compared to his...a mini family history in photos I guess.

Starting in EJ's book, we've done a sibling photo too. When I pulled these out for the post, I realized they are both in front of the Christmas tree...unintentional but funny. I love the silly face on the baby in each one too!

As I said before, these albums are very important to our kids, but I just started thinking to give them as gifts to others and have never received one for any of our kids. So...let me recommend this photo album as a great baby gift (or kid gift for that matter) especially if there family is not close by. It's the perfect way for a kid to see the people they love any time they want!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i love, love, love that photo of ej & i!!!!

i only got one of these albums for wynter, but she definitely loved it and they still look through it ...

great recommendation in this post today!!

Michelle Smiles said...

I probably never would have thought of how much a baby would love this in a traditional situation. We put one together (not this specific album but something similar called Who Loves Baby) with photos of us and sent it to Guatemala. Sabrina's foster mom would show her the photos every day. She sent the album with Sabrina when we picked her up and we still have it. The thing that surprised me was that she continued to love it well past coming home and Tessa now loves looking at it too. It is only photos of Steve and I...maybe I should put in some photos of the whole family because you would think they would get tired of seeing my face!

Jackie said...

we did something very similar for owen when he was a baby and he still looks at it today! kids are definitely obsessed with pics!! we really should've done one with the next one too, oops...poor abs. But she looks at owen's all the time!!

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