The {big, huge, overwhelming, scary} house to do list

I have some big plans for our house this summer, but it will be A LOT of work! I'm thinking posting this list will help me be organized and hopefully keep me working too!


-finish painting walls gray (project stopped 2 years ago when I found out I was pregnant...oops!)
-frame Jack's Taste of Home photos together
-find (or make) quote or word art for space above photo frame
{long term} find someone to help us redesign the kitchen space

Dining Room

-new rug for under table (preferably cute & durable)
-possible new (junker) table that will hold up to the kids a little better & look a bit cuter
-table centerpiece decor


-new shower curtain
-possibly repainting mirror trim/wall shelving from cream to a COLOR!
-new towels
{long term} complete remodel

-sort & weed through toys
-organize keeper toys in new bookcases
-put everything back in the playroom
-new wall frames up with kids' art in them?
{long term} paint trim white (window trim is holding me back...anyone have a trick to make that easier?)


-sell futon
-clean unused things out
-reorganize layout of desks
-create jack's desk space
-create kids' reading area
-new organization system for my craft/office stuff

Stairs/Upstairs Hallway

-paint beige walls light yellow
-frame kids' outfits in shadow boxes
-spray paint big scroll frames
-create silhouettes of the kids for the big frames
-one more frame for each kid - either felt initials, hand prints, or ?

{long term} new carpeting downstairs & on stairs

Living Room

-sell all our old furniture & tv
-buy out IKEA & hope they deliver quickly
-spend some time on etsy finding the perfect pillows for the new couches
-spend some time on etsy finding fun decorations/accents & wall print stuff
-move cable tv connnection (this one is matt's job)
-find baskets/boxes for living room storage
-figure out wall art & layout with the new room layout

Writing that all out is both overwhelming and exciting! I can't wait to get started though! Now to decide where to start...

P.S. Anyone have opinions/advice on selling items (craigslist, ebay, rummage sale)?
Stunami said...

we need a futon much?

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

woooooo!!!! i'm SO excited for you!! can't wait to see it all fresh and lovely!!

Bridget said...

Darn you, Heather! Now I am going to have to make one of these lists! Although, my problem is usually figuring out how I want to do everything without going completely broke in the process...

Unknown said...

i'm certain that if i had a blog (...someday...) and tried to post a similar list, blogger would have my head for taking up ALL of their server space.
Ah the joys of a brand new-to-you fixer-upper!
now if only we had the Budget to tackle said projects!

I've had great luck selling stuff on Craigslist. Take good photos, and list for a fair price, and it'll be out the door!

heather said...

Rachel & Bridget- That's why I need to sell all the finance the purchases (and I've gone "cheap" on most things).

Also...I realized I left a couple things off the list that I can't even think about right now (cause they scare me that badly):
-clean out my clothing & donate the ugly/non-fitting items
-paint the trim on the exterior of the house (i believe if this ever happens it will be subcontracted)
-clean out & organize the basement (that one keeps me up at night!)

Jackie said...

Craigslist will be your best friend!! We've had great luck there! and you can also use my garage sale that I swear I will have this summer!!

I'm excited for you but yikes...sounds like a ton of work! Um, if Matt needs help with the cable thing, Tony rocks at that stuff (oh and we might be related to a cable guy too :)

AND...I still want to go to Ikea :)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

just had to come back and let you know you've inspired me to work on some things/organize around here too!!

and hey! i'd love another trip to ikea! ;)

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