Cookie Bouquets

Now that our Mother's Day gifts have all been given, I can share some things we made this year. This one would be great for a gift, or for party decor, any time of year and they are super simple to make. All of our cookie bouquets were very well-received (it helps sweeten the response if you include extra cookies)!

All you need is wooden skewers, various cookies with holes in the center, gumdrops and a vase. It doesn't hurt to have a 6-year-old either, because they can do all the work for you! It's that simple!

Take one gumdrop and thread it on the skewer upside-down. Add one or more cookies and then put another gumdrop on the top (make sure the skewer doesn't poke out of the top) and push the two gumdrops together to hold the cookies in place. We used larger gumdrops (from Target) and I really liked the look of them with the cookies.

Super easy...and apparently a lot of fun too!

We used smaller vases so were only able to get three "flowers" in most of them. This single cookie version turned out just a bit smaller, so we were able to do four flowers.

A few of our finished bouquets waiting with presents for the Grandmas. YUM!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

super, super cute!!!!

Jackie said...

LOVED them and will be stealing that idea for the future!! super fun, super easy and super yummy!!

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