Dream Big

I bought these prints {from the dreamy giraffe etsy shop} awhile back to frame for the girls' room (when they move in together and both have big girl beds). I think they are so cute and love having these reminders in their room each day! I hope that I encourage all my children, but especially my girls, to dream big and to know that anything is possible for them.

I love that Matt is showing our children to follow your dreams right now! In addition to everything he is and does, Matt went back to school this Spring. He was already the hardest-working man I know and an awesome Daddy, and now he's added super student on top of that too! He puts everything he has into his classes, won't let me talk him into skipping (not even ONE class...come on man, everybody is doing it!), and shares things he's learning with the kids too. Matt had a business communications class this semester and would talk to the kids about the form of communication they were focusing on each week. You should see their eyes light up when they "help Daddy" with his school stuff. What an amazing example Matt is to our kids...his work ethic, his focus, his drive and his commitment are incredible. And if I wasn't proud enough already? He got straight A's!!! Way to go Matt!

{Matt and his two favorite girls in the world}
Leslie said...

Well, no wonder you like him so much!! ;-) Matt *is* an awesome guy! {Congrats on the great report card! Calls for a celebratory beverage, I think!!}

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

woo-hoo!!! congrats to all of you for making it through the semester!

enjoy the "week" off! ;)

LOVE this photo of matt and the girlies!!!

Jackie said...

I'm guessing he has 3 favortie girls in the world, but one must be the photographer :) It was rough, but you all did it together and looks like it paid off...congrats to you all (but maybe an extra one to Matt for the good grades!!) And we'll keep our fingers crossed that ALL the rest of those semesters go just as well :)

Couldn't Do It Without You said...

thank you thank you. i certainly do have 3 favorite girls! i couldn't do any of what you mentioned without your support. you are amazing in everything you do!

i need to teach our kids about communication mediums in 2010 so they can return the favor in 2020.

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