My dearest Stephanie

My friend Stephanie is so cool! I love her to death and miss her like crazy...because sadly both our busy lives make it close to impossible to see each other. I do not like it!

{please ignore the age of this photo...apparently I never take pics with my friends...yikes!}

Thankfully we stay in touch most days through the worlds of Facebook and awesome! Recently Steph posted that she was going to go meet Molly Ringwald. Molly Ringwald!!! Nope, wasn't jealous at all.

I wasn't even jealous when I saw this photo. Do you see that? Molly Ringwald with her arm around my friend? cool!!!

I've been dying to talk to Steph about how it went and to find out more about how cool Molly was (cause let's face it, how could she not be cool?) and then...I got this package from Steph! SO excited!! Look what was inside?

And even better...look what was inside of the book???

I am spoiled rotten!!! Thank you SO much Stephanie for thinking of me (I'm not sure I would have been able to form a sentence much less think of my friend)!! I will definitely cherish it...You're the best!!!
Stephanie said...

OK, that photo IS dated....1998, right? And for the record, though I may have uttered some sentences that night, I can promise you that they were far from intelligible. Lucky for you, I had already decided you needed a book BEFORE I got starstruck. : )

Leslie said...

Oh how fun!! I just read a review on that book and thought it looked like a good read!! The 80's girl in me is kinda jealous at the moment! LOL!!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

this is just the most awesomest thing EVER!!! EVER!!!

emilee rose said...

cathy said...

That is AWESOME! Oh my goodness!!

Michelle Smiles said...

That is a great friend!

I miss my BFF...she lives too far away and we are both occupied with small children and husbands. I hate that we don't make time often enough!

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