Photo Bookmark

Most years for Mother's Day we do a photo bookmark of some sort for the Grandmas and Godmothers in our lives. I'm honestly not sure what we did when Jack was little, but the past two years we have had some very small girls on our hands making fancy artwork an impossibility. So in 2008, the kids did a thumbprint caterpillar on one side and I printed photos on the other. Last year we did a more square shape with fingerprint daisies by each kid on one side & a photo/note from Jack on the other.

I really like to do the bookmarks for a couple reasons. One is that I like to give bookstore gift cards and this is a fun way to do that. Another is it's a nice little keepsake...a current photo of the kids, maybe a thumbprint...right there in whatever you happen to be reading. And finally, as long as we're making the bookmarks, I have the kids make one for me too!

This year I truly had no idea what direction to go, but my new love of crochet got me started. I saw this awesome & detailed crochet flower tutorial and thought it looked really cute AND easy enough for me to tackle. Sure enough they were really easy (and quick actually), so I made up a bunch and attached them as an embellishment to the bookmarks I had cut. I used craft glue around the inner circle of the flower only. I let them dry flat for a few hours and the glue held tight. For the Godmothers, I attached a photo of their specific Godchild below the flower and for the Grandmothers I did the photo booth strip on the back (as shown above).

I wasn't sure what to have the kids do, so I gave EJ one of her bookmarks and asked her to draw a picture on it. And that's when EJ saved the day and told me she was going to draw the flower stem and leaves (a little above her ability level, but an awesome idea nonetheless)! So Jack took over drawing the flower stems and I think they came out really cute!

I like the fact that the flower "petals" are loose and can even be tucked over the edge of the book pages. Oh, and I should mention that I used a size J crochet hook and my flower came out to 2.25" in diameter (the bookmark was 3" wide X 7" tall).
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i love mine!!

Jackie said...

me too :) very cute and crafty!

Tiffany said...

You are so darn creative Heather! I love these! And the hand soap and well every idea you come up with...oh, and by the way, I am up for adoption, in case you need another "kid" to help you with your crafts! :)lol It looks like so much fun!

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