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I just returned from a fabulous warm weather getaway. You'd think that would be why the trip was great, but truly it was the best because I went with two friends who I can honestly do absolutely nothing with and still have an awesome time! (well, I'm not gonna lie, chips & guacamole at every meal sure doesn't hurt either) Still these two women are super cool chicks and we had a great time together!

While I was gone I really was "off" tv most of the time (ignoring the movie marathon we had one afternoon...3 movies + 2 meals of room service = good time), but I did indulge in a little AM viewing the last two days. And of course, what did I end up watching...ER reruns! Matt used to tell me I was the last person still watching ER, but oh how I loved it. I (of course) got sucked in right away! Still love it!!

I read my new Molly Ringwald book on the flight home (well, really I read my kindle download as my signed copy is not getting opened) and I highly recommend it. It's an easy read (reads like a magazine article) and covers a lot of topics in a fun way, but still has a lot of heart. I really enjoyed her writing's shows a lot of her while still giving advice good for everyone. Next up to read (if I can ever get through the laundry) is my new book about the brat pack that I got for Mother's Day from T...I can't wait to start it (it was too heavy to lug to the beach).

Jack is running our other reading list and despite not having enough time for uninterrupted reading (between matt's school schedule & tball it has been tough), we have already read Henry Huggins & Henry and Beezus. Next up is Henry and Ribsy and then Beezus and Ramona (we're reading them in order per jack's instructions). We've got to get moving because I just read that on July 23rd Ramona and Beezus is coming out as a MOVIE!!! We're a little excited in this house!!! And I just have to mention that these books were published in the 1950s, but read like they were written yesterday (except for how much things cost)...awesome books!!

Lastly, the end of school is rapidly approaching!!! We were talking yesterday about teacher's gifts and I'm wondering if you guys have any cute crafty ideas for teachers (both genders, various ages)? Will you share them? Comment with ideas PLEASE!

P.S. Stay tuned...I have a giveaway coming very soon!
Jackie said...

I have no ideas for you but am in desperate need of some too :)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i had a great time too!!

and now can't wait for a giveaway!!!

Leslie said...

I was kind of hoping that you and T would have come up with a brilliant teacher gift idea by now!! I got nothin'!

Stephanie said...

I am curious about that other book...please let me know what you think!

southern daze said...

Was just thinking about whether I should buy Molly Ringwald's book and know I have my answer :-)

I fell in love with these teacher gift ideas...

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