T-ball Tuesday

This post is all about bragging about Jack! Sorry...has to be done...it's mother's right, right? Seriously though, when a person loves something as much as Jack loves baseball, it really shows. And Jack puts everything he can into each game. I mean this kid runs like he's on fire from base to base (and they can only take one base at a time...although there are outs). Anyway, Matt was at the last two games so I took advantage of the extra set of hands (to manage the girls) and took some pics to share with you guys!

Oh, did I tell you he got #13? Really his only choices were 13, 14 & 15 (and 15 was taken before we got there) because he needed the bigger t-shirt size. Guess I should start talking up the double digits now as I'm sure his growth spurts will continue!

See I told you...on fire!

I swear he pays better attention than this. This was between innings.

On deck...

Playing "pitcher"...defensive position

Love this pic! Oh and I'd love to say he had a rally helmet going, but after this pic Matt told him to turn it around and he had no clue he had put it on backwards!

I had to include this photo...I love that you can see how hard Jack is throwing to first AND how hard that girl is running! These kids really love this game!!! Also, I loved that girl...she had a pink batting helmet, pink bat and pink glove...t-ball with attitude!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

a little kid bragging definitely needs to be done!! :)

this is a great post and tribute to a boy with a passion ... for sure!

love the pic with the backwards helmet!! classic ... i can see it already running through the espn ticker when he gets drafted to the bigs! ;0

Leslie said...

He looks like a pro!! (Well, 'cept for the backwards helmet, maybe!!) Love how serious he is about the whole thing!! Go, Jack, Go!!!

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