11 Weeks of Summer

I started this blog with 55 Days of Summer, but this year we're switching things up a bit! This year our Summer Days chart is not divided by days, but by weeks...hence 11 Weeks of Summer. Why the switch? The first reason is our schedule for this summer...with two kids taking classes plus a mobile baby, I wasn't sure I could commit to a project or outing every weekday! In addition, it was a lot of fun last year to do some of our things when Matt was home too, so I'd like to include weekends as well this time around. And if we had a lazy day I felt bad about not keeping up with the project every day. We probably pushed through some projects we should have saved for a different time. The second reason is that I got way behind in blogging last summer because it got very difficult to keep up (if we did something in the evening, I needed to blog about it before bed for the next day). And I blogged about each day, so a picnic at the park (with nothing else happening) was a post...boring!! I wanted this summer to be both relaxed and interesting, in our house and on the blog, so 11 Weeks of Summer it is!

Still with me (cause that was a whole lot of talking...sorry!)? Here is our chart for 2010!

I kind of love it! Tablecloth (cut to fit) from the party store with a paper plate for each week. See the ants on the tablecloth? Jack's idea (and art)...perfect addition!

We have 6 categories of activities and our plan is to do each category at least once per week. They are:
FIND (treasure hunt of some kind)
GO (outings)
MAKE (projects & food)
EXPLORE (adventures or more exploratory projects)
HELP (giving, volunteering, doing good for others)

Hanging above the chart are 6 glassine envelopes with these lovely clip-art creations inside. As we complete a category, we'll glue stick the corresponding food to the plate for that week (and yes, the corn is a bit creepy but there is only so much summer food out there guys!).

My plan is to post a weekly round-up of our activities each Friday, as well as do individual posts to share new projects or outings that I think may be of interest. In between the summer posts, I'll have some grown-up projects, more of the house reworking, and of course pop culture silliness. Oh and please let me know if you see any great activities or projects (especially for our Help category...it's hard to find things that accept my young-aged kids)!!!
southern daze said...

Can't wait to read about the fun + clever things you do this summer! The kids are going to have a blast.

A couple ideas I have for your "Help" category (although you've probably already thought of them yourself) are to call your local hospital/children's hospital and see what type of things they could use & then donate them. I know the one where I volunteer can always use crayons & coloring books and those are small enough items that won't break the bank. Jack & EJ could even pick out the coloring books they think the kids would like. Another idea is to have them find clothes & toys they no longer use & donate them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!!

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