Baseball Wrap-up

T-ball is done for the season and it was a blast! Our small team (only 7 players versus 11-13 on the other teams) really worked together and went from strangers to a true team. Jack loved every second and we had a couple really fun things happen to wrap up the season.

The first was a surprise from Auntie Sandy...Jack's own baseball card (which she designed & then hid in a pack of baseball cards). Jack tried to play it super cool, but I think his grin in this pic says it all!

Then last Tuesday, Jack & I had a date (Grandma watched the girls) at his absolute favorite place. He didn't get to bed until 11:30pm. But first he got to walk the warning track with a gazillion other little leaguers!

We had a small group representing, but they had a great time for sure! Thanks for a great season Sea Wolves!
southern daze said...

Love the picture of Jack holding his baseball card :-)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

so ... i'm a little behind here! you've had a busy week my friend! ;)

love the name sea wolves for a little league team and jack looks in heaven! what a great way to end the season!

and holy cow reading family! that's a lotta books! ;) looks like a great week #2 of summer though! can't believe how big livie's getting!

and you know we're all over the hatching project! ;) tiff had her hatching project & brought them up to the lake with us to release them. so cool! perfect for your city mouses! ;)

and i really like the postcard swap! we may have to try it next year {?} ...

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