Bathroom Mini Makeover

{please forgive these horrible photos! For some reason I chose to shoot the smallest, darkest room of the house with the not-so-great point & shoot...kicking myself now!}

When I created the house to do list, I really thought that the way to see a big change in the downstairs bathroom would be to paint the trim & add some color! It's cream and the walls are white...not my favorite color combo in the world (cause I'm strict on stuff like that), but I've let it go because I HATE to paint trim. Especially trim that involves sliding cabinet doors (2 sets) because painting those sounds about as fun as painting 1920s windows (hence the other trim painting job I'm avoiding).

One day at Target (because I go virtually every day, but this day I just had Jack with me so had a bit more time to browse...but just a bit) I decided to go see what they had for shower curtains. When we moved in, I went light and airy because I thought the space was so small that I had to. This time around, I wanted some color and I am in love with this DwellStudio curtain.

Big difference right?

Then on the other side of the room I switched the towels to gray & green (darker colors=less stains from bright green foam soap) and changed up the art on the wall.

For once, small changes made a big impact! I love my bright, cheery bathroom now and while there are still a couple changes I would like to make (like a new faucet for sure), I think I can get away without painting trim for a little while longer!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

YAY!!!! love, love, love the new look!

southern daze said...

It looks really good and I'm LOVING that shower curtain!

Jackie said...

time to go on those decorating shows....little changes=big difference!! nice work! i have been wanting to change ours too...hmmmm....

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