Hunt for the Big Picture

I think the biggest hits from last summer's activities were our scavenger hunts, so this year we are going to do one each week. We started with this indoor visual scavenger hunt. I took close-up photos of objects inside our house and the kids had to determine the big picture and find the item.

Here is a sampling of their clues...

{this would be easier if you lived in our house, but can you figure some of these out?}

So they had 18 total images and Jack & EJ worked as a team. I showed them the image on my computer and then they would search (all were on the first floor). Going into it, I thought some images were harder than others and some were more difficult, but more often than not I had it wrong. For example, I thought the image below would be an easy one. Not so much! It was instead one of the 3 images they could not figure out (even after being told which room and a couple other clues).

The other thing I thought was interesting was how their brains worked very differently. Jack only knew what the image was right off the bat one time, but was able to search throughout the house to try to locate the object. If he found something he thought might be it, he would come and check the photo again and then head back out on the hunt. EJ did not "go on the search" as well, she gets distracted easily and if I gave her a clue (like it has pink polka dots) to remind her of the image, she could do a bit better but still never came up with the answer. However, her recall from the image itself was incredible! She would look for like 5 seconds and then say, I know and go running straight for the object (most of the time Jack would have no idea what the object was, so it wasn't that they were super easy). I just looked and she knew 8 of the objects that way. Impressive no?

All in all, this hunt was super fun for me and the kids. It was perfect for the dreary day and didn't take too long to set up for me. Then while the kids searched, I was able to multitask easily, so emergency diaper changes didn't halt the fun at all!

And the answers to the photos above?
from top to bottom, left to right:
door to garden toy in our playroom, stacking buckets from above, bricks around out fireplace
tile from our kitchen, bottom of Jack's cleat, cover of notebook (using for a summer project)
side of magazine basket, tissue poof (still hanging from liv's birthday), bottom of whoozit toy
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

fun! fun! fun!!!! totally going to do this!! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! I'M going to try this soon. so.Much. FUN!

Anonymous said...

Can I tell you again how great I think this idea is? I have featured it on my blog under today's post titled Tuesday Tumblr:

I hope by sharing the link others will be inspired to try this too!


Kristin - The Goat said...

How very cool! I'll have to share it with my sister, since she's the one that has kids :)

I came here by way of One Pretty Thing.

Kristin - The Goat

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