Ideas for the Fisherman Dad

Every year on Father's Day we spend the day as a family doing an activity of Matt's choice. Well, for 5 straight years that activity has been fishing! This year however, we will not be spending the day as a family. Instead (much like Mother's Day), I'll be taking the kids out of the house for the bulk of the day so Matt can study, write papers, etc. (poor Matt!). So given that we'll have to delay our fishing day, we thought we'd make Father's Day all about fishing in other ways!

We needed a great dessert of course (especially after our treats for Matt's birthday last year) and these fishing cupcakes were just the thing! Our version is simpler (cause I am not a baker) but came out really cute. White cupcakes with white frosting & green sugar on one side and white frosting dyed blue on the other. The edible decorations are cracker sticks, licorice, and Swedish fish. The little mini bobber is actually real.

How did we get those real bobbers? Well I purchased a bunch of bobbers to make this, but got partway through it and realized that it looked bad AND would be of no real use anyway. So instead, I did this for a table centerpiece.

Matt's Father's Day gifts are not really anything you can wrap...our gifts will be the annual fishing day and also a shopping trip to outfit him with all the latest and greatest baits, etc. for his annual fishing trip with his brothers. I found this great free printable for Father's Day checks and Jack did a great job of cutting them out and filling them in. He's planning to make a paper "money clip" for them that says "Dad's Bait Money" later today.

Our last gift was snacks for our trip in the form of "bait." We based our fish baggies off this tutorial and filled them with Swedish fish and Goldfish S'mores. Basically, a Ziploc bag, a clear hairband from EJ's stash, some tape, a googly eye and you're good to go!

I hope it's not too long until our fishing adventure. The kids love spending time with Matt as well as sharing his passion for fishing! Happy Father's Day Matt!!! We love you!

{pics from Father's Day 2009}
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!!! LOVE the treat filled fishies!! and the photo of matt & ej from last year is precious!!

Fishing Daddy said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you! You really didn't need to do all of this. It was all awesome! We'll do the next trip very soon.

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