Mini First Aid Kits

The start of summer vacation means the start of all day, every day outside time whenever we can. It also means extra ouchies, usually away from home. So, we thought for our first help project we would make some mini first aid kits to give away. Jack started by making the labels (sharpies on sticker paper)...he stayed very official in his design.

We went shopping and picked up everything we'd need for the kits. Metal tins, fun band-aids, specialized band-aids (like those finger and knee ones you can never find when you need them), antiseptic wipes and antiseptic spray. Just the basics, but enough to get you by in a playground first aid situation. Jack then set to work dividing everything evenly between the 6 kits.

When EJ woke up from nap, she carefully put all the items into the tins...and then Jack rearranged them all when she wasn't looking (I seriously don't know where his Type A personality comes from).

We had originally planned to head to the playground and hand them out to families we saw there, but thought that people might be a little weird-ed out by unsealed medical supplies from strangers. In the end, Jack realized that we had 6 kits and that there are 6 other kids on his (very small) t-ball team, so we handed them out to those families instead. A simple and easy help project for sure!

Anybody want an Altoid?
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

awesome project!!

and i have a pretty good feeling i know where that type a personality came from! ;)

so cute that he's looking so patient with ej though!

Leslie said...

Super cute idea!!! Love how Jack & EJ work well together. (Mine are collaborating on a project sans Mommy today, and I'm *praying* they can keep the sniping at each other to a minimum!) Gotta say, tho . . . the photo of the bag of altoids makes my eyes water!!! Curiously strong, even via the interwebz!!

southern daze said...

Do you ever run out of clever ideas?

I agree with Leslie, my eyes are watering just looking at the bag of altoids. Too bad you weren't able to catch a picture of Jack's face when he tried one :-)

Karri said...

NO idea where the Type A came from ;)
Cute cute cute!!!

Jackie said...

Great idea! I like how little they are, perfect for the stroller, purse, or even pocket in an emergency!! you can keep the altoids though...yikes!

LaRee said...

perhaps you can do some sort of science project with the altoids...maybe they're something like mentos or something. love your blog

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