A perfect summer gift idea

When we had Olivia, our friends gave us a choice when it came to our baby gift (nice to have options right?). They knew we already had two kids (and the "stuff" that comes with two kids) plus they live far away, so they "recommended some gifts" based on what their family uses and loves. They asked us to choose between Sophie the Giraffe (which is an incredible baby gift if you're looking for something but we already had one) and the JJ Cole Blanket. We went with the blanket and I am SO glad we did!

I love it so much, I often buy it as a gift for others. In fact, I bought two just this week as gifts and thought it would be the perfect time to recommend it to all of you! The blanket opens up to 5 x 5 feet, but folds up into that little "bag" you see on top of the blanket in the photo above. It is waterproof, wipes clean easily (we use ours for picnics all the time), and is so easy to carry with you (lightweight & comfortable carrying strap). Oh, and it comes in a couple different colors/designs too. Love it!

So who should you give it to and what could you gift it with?
New Baby - This blanket is perfect for a baby to be able to play outside during the summer. Olivia isn't walking, so when we are outside we lay out the blanket with some toys and she has a safe place to play (she actually chooses to stay on the blanket vs. crawl on the grass). Add a sun hat, baby sunscreen, and some sand toys and you have the perfect gift!

Family Picnic Set - If the family is nearby, deliver this blanket with a summer meal all set to go. They can either head to the park or eat right in their own backyard. If they are further away (or you don't feel like cooking), add some fun picnic dishes & be sure to include your favorite summer recipes too! Oh, and don't forget a frisbee or beach ball for some entertainment after they eat.

Sports Family - For the family (like mine lately) that is constantly at a soccer or t-ball, this blanket is the perfect thing to ensure they have a great seat for the game. Add a small cooler for water bottles & snacks, a travel first aid kit, maybe even a DQ gift card for a post-game treat and they'll be all set!

Jazz in the Park People - Okay, so here we have something called Jazz in the Park (there is also Chill on the Hill, etc) but I know every city has their own version of this type of event. Basically people go, lay out a blanket, listen to music and have fun socializing with friends. So it goes without saying that they would need a nice blanket right? Add a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, and fruit and they will be ready for the next concert.

So, what is your "go to" summer gift?
Jackie said...

My go to summer gift is anything YOU recommend since you are my "go to" person lately and super creative in all your ideas!! We have a smaller version of this type of blanket and it does have baby print on it, but it was a "go to gift" for me while we had baby fever!!

southern daze said...

Love all of these awesome ideas! I wish I had a "go to gift" idea to share but, alas, I don't. You, my dear, are the Queen of "go to gifts!"

Bridget said...

Not nearly as cute and creative as your ideas, but I love giving and receiving fresh flowers. During the summer, I always see such beautiful pots of annuals that would brighten up anybody's home - I mean, who doesn't have a place that could use some color? Front porch, steps, patios, decks, fronts of garages... and for those that like to be a bit more crafty, perhaps you could find and paint your own pot and fill with your choice of flowers?

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