Playroom Final Touches

Did you guys see that title? Final touches...and I'm not kidding! Sure the rest of the house looks like a bomb went off, but the playroom is almost completed! We've weeded out the extra stuff, organized what remains, built new shelving (thanks again IKEA), and everything is now in place.

Next up...decorating the walls a bit. The walls of the playroom are already pretty bright, but we added 6 small frames to one wall that will showcase the kids' art. They are beyond excited to have their things on display in their room! On the other empty wall, we hung 3 - 8x10" frames that I would like to put some art prints in. The challenge...I don't want to date the art (too baby-ish for instance and not their current loves as that will likely change) and no personalized art. I'd like the prints to be colorful, fun and something the kids would "get" as well as the grown-ups. So I scoured Etsy and here are my finds...

I started with the standard alphabet art, but I didn't want traditional. I like this a lot, but fear it is not bright enough for the room (however it is in Spanish and that kind of rocks!)

{art and philanthropy etsy shop}

This one reminds me of Jack.

{LoxlyHollow etsy shop}

And this, as weird as it sounds, doesn't just remind me of my kids, I feel like it IS my kids! I love it and can see each of their little personalities in it. And even though I don't really want a reading theme in the playroom, I'm pretty sure this one will be featured in the new reading area of my office for sure!

{trafalgerssquare etsy shop}

This is book/reading related, but how appropriate right?

{RukaRuka etsy shop}

I like the playfulness of this one...

{lisastubbs etsy shop}

While I was searching, the perfect theme popped up right in front of my face...songs! This song has been a favorite of every one of the kids (and my newest niece apparently too) and I love the cute little blue bird on the print too.

{littleredowl etsy shop}

In the same shop, I found this print, which would be the perfect partner! I'm thinking I've hit jackpot with these, but really need a third print. Too bad there isn't a Row, Row, Row Your Boat one...that would be perfect!

{littleredowl etsy shop}

So we need another song print to round things out? How about this one? Jack doesn't remember it anymore but it was his favorite song for a long time. I'm very thankful for this video from back in the day of him singing his little heart out! (P.S. I dare you not to smile when you watch it)

{squidart etsy shop}

And of course I couldn't resist including this one!

{suzannaanna etsy shop}

So, what do you guys think? Cute options? Or is there something else out there I'm missing? I'll admit after browsing about 350 etsy pages my eyes started to glaze over a bit.

And speaking of endless browsing, I've got a living room to find wall decor for and I'd really love some help from you. Any favorite etsy sellers you'd like to recommend?
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

holy print options super-mama-decorator-crafter-extraordinaire!! :)

LOVE all of them!! especially the one of the little boy reading! and the wild rumpus one!

AND ... personally ... i am a fan of photography in your living room! :P

heather said...

oh, don't worry! the photography is definitely staying, but i have a lot more wall space in this new layout! :-)

Unknown said...

I think AC Bielke has an alphabet print or two that i remember being DARN cute. (isn't all her stuff?)

Jackie said...

The Wild Rumpus one HAS to go in your's like the exact colors or very close and would look so cool in there, not to mention that it just rocks. These are fabulous prints, I've been wanting some fun things for the kids rooms..hmmm... and I love the 3 animals reading...absolutely perfect :)

Marie said...

You must feel so good to have the playroom completed -- I like you am a room by room girl, right now it's my classroom that is getting in order and the house that is in disorder...although that will change soon, one room at a time!
I enjoy reading your blog very much and have nominated your site for a Sunshine Award at my blog. I hope it brightens your day!

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