Postcard Swap

This Spring I joined two Great American Postcard Swaps.

This one...

and group #4 of this one.

And then I promptly got so busy I couldn't even see straight and freaked out wondering why I get myself into things like this! It sounded like such a great idea at the time, but now... Let's just say I thanked my lucky stars that my turn to send wasn't for some time and started stashing away the postcards we received in the black hole that is my desk!

Thankfully school ended and although we are busy, it's much easier to take time and make sense of that black hole. So, Jack and I spent nap time pulling out the postcards and organizing them. We had a lot of really cool ones, so we spent some time putting them in state order, reading the cool facts on the back, and checking out the great photo fronts.

Then we determined which swap they were from and marked them on these great USA map postcards I purchased (back when I first signed up and was organized). Blue is for the 1st swap and orange is for the 2nd (luckily the 2nd swap has just begun and is going in a different order).

We are using this map to locate the state before marking them off on the maps. I'd like to pretend we only use this map for Jack's benefit, but that East coast (and all those tiny states) get tricky!

{map image from here}

I had recently purchased this large frame from Ikea (no use in mind, just a great color/size I thought I could use with the kids) and I put the plexi behind the white label paper that came with the frame. It makes the perfect spot to house our map postcards and store the received postcards, while showing off some of Jack's favorite ones.

Jack has been switching up the "featured" cards every afternoon and the frame now sits on his desk, so I'm pretty sure this project was indeed a hit. Guess I'm glad I signed up after all (although you probably shouldn't ask me that when it's our turn to send out 50 postcards)!
Amy said...

what a fun idea!!!

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