Summer Reading Program Sign-Up

Our first day of summer vacation brought a little bit of chilly weather, making it the perfect day to head to our local libraries to sign up for the summer reading programs at MPL & WPL (as well as check out a boatload of books of course)! We also printed online forms for Jack to participate in the Borders Double-Dog Dare Summer Reading Program and Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Passport (you get a free book when you complete both programs!).

Since then there has been a whole lot of reading going on in this house! EJ has taking advantage of three people who can read to her...especially if they'll read a Lilly book!

And Jack is loving that he can bank time for reading himself, being read to, or reading to his sisters. In three days he has read (or been read to) for more than 7 hours! Saturday he chose to stay home and read instead of taking aluminum cans to the dump...crazy right? I mean what 7-year-old boy passes on watching cans get crushed and an errand with Dad? And yes, in the pic above he is completely ignoring Olivia's demands for attention.

I am loving that my kids love to read as much as I do. I'm also loving the books we are reading (well not that Captain Underpants one...that's the last one of those we're getting)...such great stories!

What I'm not loving is trying to track all these minutes read, in addition to titles completed, so I made a self-serve chart. Now I just have to transfer their minutes to the forms once a day (and yes, I totally have to bust out the calculator). Hope all of you are reading too (and if you are, please comment with your "must read" books for this or kid)!
Karri said...

Fabulous! I didn't even think to check B&N or Borders! Thanks!!!!

Sadie said...

Good to know about Captain Underpants--we have one but haven't started it yet, and now it will just move further back in the shelf! We are far too busy with Henry Huggins right now anyway.

Next up will probably be the SuperFudge series...I've heard good things (read it as a kid but don't really remember it).

Also, "Socks" and Otis Spofford, have you guys read those yet?

southern daze said...

I really enjoyed The Help (even though I was reluctant to read it) and just finished Eat Pray Love. Today I picked up Men and Dogs. I've ready some good things about this author but have never read anything by her.

Do you have any good summer reads to recommend?

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

reading rocks!! and i MISS you guys!!

open from andre agassi was pretty awesome ... and i don't even particularly like tennis.

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