Travel Bugs

I've written before about our family's geocaching adventures but this past week we went a step further and placed our first travel bugs! I posted once before about a travel bug we found here, but this time it's a little different because we are the "owners" of the bug. You can read more about what a travel bug is here, but basically it is a bug (anything you want that is small in size) attached to a travel bug dogtag. Each tag has it's own unique tracking number so it can be logged each time it is found and moved. We let Jack and EJ each pick what they wanted their bug to be and went out one night to set them free!

Matt picked some frequently visited caches to place the bugs in and EJ's was no trouble.

{EJ "releasing" her bug}

Jack's proved a bit tougher including caches that were too small and caches that had gone missing! Yikes! I thought it would be fun to show you this hunt (a previous find that had gone missing) just to show how often we "urban-geocache." You'd be amazed how many of these caches are around in the city and no one knows it!

{Doh! There's nothing there!}

Finally we returned to another previous find that was the perfect size for Jack's travel bug.

{Jack "releasing" his bug}

Both the travel bugs were actually found by the same person within a few days of each other and are now on the move. We are tracking them now to watch the places they travel to (some bugs we have moved have been all over the US and to other countries too). We can't wait to track their adventures. So, without further adieu, let me introduce...

Silver Lightning