Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

It's the end of the school year and that means lots of thank yous & good-byes! This year I coordinated a group of awesome volunteers and I really wanted to thank each of them for giving their time & energy each week, so I came up with these little desk sets. These would be great for a teacher thank you or for teacher appreciation week too. Each set includes a pencil cup, a pen, a pencil, two binder clips and a candy bar.

Cute, bright, semi-handmade and best of all affordable, because I needed to make 22 of them!

Here are all the things you need. Make sure to start saving cans way before you need them, otherwise you'll have to ask your friends for their cans too (like I did).

The pens are really simple to do. Buy clear pens (the ones you can see the ink tube through) and take them apart. Roll the paper lengthwise and slide into the pen. I really thought these looked best with the brighter/darker colors or the bolder patterns.

The candy bars were plain Hershey's that I wrapped in paper and taped on the back.

I added this thank you note label to the top (even busted out the glue stick for this one) for a cute finishing touch. As with most cute design things I do, I borrowed this from Nellie (it was a label on a gift she gave to me) who was kind enough to send me the file to use for this project!

Next up are the binder clips. Pop off the clips, mod podge on the paper and you're all set (I followed this simple tutorial). It's a little tedious when you're doing this many, but so cute and worth it when you see the results.

And then finally, the pencil cup (wrap the paper around the can and secure with double-sided tape) and the "awesome!" pencil (which was easiest of all because it came cute already).

Each set went into a gift bag that I will be hanging on front doors this morning. I hope everyone likes them as much as I do!

Just in case you'd like to make these yourself, the paper sizing is as follows:
pencil cans (soup/vegetable can size) - 5.5 x 10"
candy bars - 5.25 x 5"
pen - 3.25 x 0.825"
binder clip (3/8") - 0.75 x 1.25"
binder clip (1 1/4") - 1.25 x 2"
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...
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lisa said...

what more can i say heather. so talented....so much patience....so many good ideas.

southern daze said...

So cute + clever - what a wonderful treat! I love how simple you make them seem but am fairly certain I'd still have trouble :-)

Unknown said...

TOOO cute! They'd be great for grads or "back to school" folks, too.

Unknown said...

Darling! These are wonderful!

thecreativetype said...

I'm SO going to make these for my employees!

Christine said...

They look super sharp! Thanks for the measurements too--sweet!

Sheri said...

Heather, I loved this little goodie bag waiting for me yesterday! Thank you! So cute and my girls were fighting for it, but I refused to share :-)

Doreen said...

These gifts are so adorable -- and useful! Two musts for the creative projects I make as well. I am sure the volunteers will be most appreciative of your creative thank you gifts! I know I would be!


BeautifulDoodle said...

Super cute! But what a work... that propably took a day or two :) Love the idea. xx Prada-devil

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