Weekend Fun

I was planning to share a little craft I'm working on, but life got in the way a bit, so you'll have to wait on that. Instead I thought I'd post a few pics from last weekend to brighten this rainy day a bit!

Last Friday night we headed out to the Iron Cupcake MKE: Candy challenge. Our goal was to surprise Auntie Sandy and even though we didn't quite pull that off (note to self: do not buy online tickets when attempting to surprise the gal who runs the show), she sure was happy to see us! What a great event! I'm so proud of Sandy...she took an idea and turned it into an empire!!!

These two love each other to bits...can't tell from their smiles right?

{Photo courtesy of James Conway Photography and Iron Cupcake Milwaukee}

We bumped into a bunch of friends that night (it's quite the hot spot in our little city), but our family was also well-represented. I'm SO glad we took this pic (that's my "baby" brother on the right)...love it! I'm just sad that Auntie Alice didn't get in on the action, but she was busy with The M.U.T.E.S. handing out their yummy cupcake creations!

{Photo courtesy of James Conway Photography and Iron Cupcake Milwaukee}

Then on Sunday we got to watch our nieces for the afternoon. We haven't seen them in awhile and I can't believe how big they are getting!!! My niece Evelyn is sitting up and totally a big girl...these babies are growing up way too fast for my taste (my nephew's baptism is this weekend and we have to miss it. i am SO bummed!)!!!

Speaking of big kids, these two decided to hang out on the back deck playing rock, paper, scissors. Cute right? (yes, I may have run back into the house for a camera immediately upon seeing them)

And this little "laying out" party? All their idea! And let me tell you, it took a lot of work on the bigger kids part to get the towels lined up just so...too funny! They would slide into the baby pool (that was another setup they did) for about 30 minutes and then lay out for 10 minutes to rest and warm up. About 4 hours later they were TIRED!!!

This weekend we are dealing with rain and soccer games and tball games and organizing neighborhood rummage sales and homework (well that last part is just matt's deal but still)...busy, busy!! Better get back to it all, but before I go one piece of advice for you. Pretzel M&Ms...don't do it! You will not be able to stop eating them (which is extra bad when your friend buys you the family size bag)!!!
Jackie said...

ok, first of all...how cute are the kids laying out... I LOVE it!!

Second...can you save me like 3-4 m&m's because then I won't have to buy the entire bag, I'll just be an Indian giver instead because that's how I roll :) Oh and FAMILY bag...get it...share with the FAMILY :) (or extended family (and friends) whatever.

Bridget said...

Haha... hmmmm... I feel partially responsible for the pretzel M&M thing. But delicious, right?! This rut buster would not lead you astray. :)

Unknown said...

o.m.g. Where did you get Jack's "give a hoot" shirt? and more importantly, do they come in grown-up sizes?!??

glitter girl said...

I love the laying out party! Super cute - wish I could talk my kids into doing that! =) And I am *so* with you on the pretzel M&M's. Deee-lish!

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