Beverly Cleary and I Are Pen Pals

{photo courtesy of NNDB}

Well, I mean not she doesn't know about it or anything...but wouldn't that be cool?

Here's the thing...I'm typically the girl that believes there is a huge divide between myself and the creative people in the world I find know, the cool kids of the grown-up world. And why would the cool kids want to hear from me? Or be impacted by anything I have to say? So I've kept to myself...worshiped from afar...devoured their work...end of story.

Enter technology...It makes the world a much smaller place for sure. (Please imagine how different my life would have been growing up with email versus growing up with a long distance phone number!) I started small...emails of gratitude to etsy artists who did awesome custom things for me, comments on blogs written by incredible people...and guess what? I got responses! Responses saying how much they appreciated the kind words and that they were thankful that someone loved their work.

From these responses I realized two very important things. One is that these people are as cool as I think they are, and the other, is that they are people too! And what person doesn't like hearing that they are awesome? Especially these people who put themselves "out there" creatively...I can't imagine that is easy to do without feedback (and the best kind of feedback is positive feedback right?).

I've started sending more emails, leaving more comments on posts that inspire me, and even sent some tweets of thanks to some uber-cool kids out there (there are some amazing people tweeting)! I've definitely put myself out there more than ever before. I mean, don't expect me to handle myself appropriately if I'm ever face-to-face with anyone I admire (seriously, it's the stuff my dreams AND nightmares are made of), but I feel like I've done a pretty good job from a distance.

So this past weekend, I wrote a letter to Beverly Cleary (because when you're 94 years old, I'm sure you don't use email and you probably appreciate a hand-written note as much as I do). I told her how much I have always loved her books and how I am rediscovering them with Jack. I told her how Jack laughs out loud at Henry & Ribsy's antics and how her books are truly timeless. And I thanked her for writing these wonderful stories about everyday kids for every kid...especially mine. I hope it makes her smile. It certainly was a pleasure to write.
tracie @ tsj photography said...

i just love everything about this post!

Sadie said...

I second Tracie's comment. This is a wonderful post in so many ways.

Deb Heff said...

This is a great post Heather. Love it as much as I love B.C. too!

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