Guatemala is a Piece of my Heart

Isn't this necklace lovely?

I saw it on Design Mom awhile ago and was instantly smitten. I would love one with a map of Guatemala and for the inscription...a piece of my heart. A small statement describing my enormous love for this incredible country.

Unfortunately, Guatemala is also an incredibly poor country. Many children are not able to attend school and many drop out after just a few years. I imagine that the costs of school are just too much to a family where a parent might make $6 per month washing clothes.

{photo courtesy of Common Hope}

I know it's early in the season, but I would love to ask you to join us in collecting school supplies for the children of Guatemala. We had an incredible response last year and can't wait to help out these wonderful kids again this year!

We are collecting new:
Pens (blue, black, red)
Colored pencils (12 pack)
Pencil Sharpeners

And also collecting new or gently used:

We will be collecting items through the end of September (the school year starts in January there) and I can pick things up from you if you're local. Also, I will gladly do the shopping for you if you'd prefer to give a monetary donation. The sales right now are pretty great! Last week I bought 24 packs of pencils, colored pencils, 10 packs of pens, large sharpeners and erasers all at well under $1 each.

We will not be doing our annual Boo Boo Drive this year. We might pick it back up in the future, but it is just not going to work out this year due to unforeseen circumstances. So this will be our last big fundraiser for 2010 (I promise)!
Jackie said...

perfect thing to do for this time of year...sales are great for at least a couple more weeks! Count us in for sure (and remind me I said that if I forget :) because I also do that sometimes!!

beckley said...

we're in.

fo sho.

jackson will love that. =)

btw, you ever been to the tiny "mexican" resturarant in WAUkesha? it's interior. it's actually more guatemalan, from what i hear from my guatemalan friend. it has weird hours, so you KNOW it's goood!

we keep meaning to go.

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