Hot Rocks Art Project

Making hot rocks was super fun and an easy craft I would highly recommend!! You take larger sized, flat/smooth rocks and heat them on a foil-lined pan in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. Move them (with hot pads of course) to newspaper or a blanket (or one of the million Diet Coke boxes in the recycling) and use crayons to "paint" on the rocks. The crayons melt quickly (be sure to take the wrapper off first) and coat the rock easily, but you can still make designs if you'd like. EJ started with a polka dot method...

I was so on the fence about getting EJ involved actually, but in the end (after many, many talks about being careful) I let her join in. She was very serious about being careful and really liked doing it, so it was a good call.

Jack really liked doing them too, but in typical Jack fashion he got SO into it that he was careless. As he and EJ were painting the last rock together, he accidentally touched one of the finished (but still boiling hot) rocks with his forearm and lost a bit of skin. I felt so badly for him, because it hurt so badly and because it is totally something I would do! Ugh!

{I swear Jack picked his own clothes, the whole look is awesome right?}

So these are our final rocks...they are much brighter in person and the top one is actually my favorite. Jack did the whole thing in white and then added bright colors in dots all over the rock (it is super washed out in the pic though).

I would definitely do this craft again...I really hope Jack will be willing. Next time though I will do one rock per piece of cardboard and have them move after each is finished to prevent injury. These could really make our garden areas festive (and save me some weeding)!
Jackie said...

Very fun and colorful, I like 'em!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

GREAT project!!!

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