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Kate Spade has built a brand that is identifiable from a mile away. Clean, simple, classic...in gorgeous tones of kelly green, hot pink, and navy. Usually beautiful, but not what I would describe as surprising.

But lately, Ms. Spade has been surprising me for sure! And in very good ways!

Take for example the new line of Book of the Month clutches. Seriously? So cute! In typical Kate Spade fashion, the details are wonderful (love the striped liner), but I am so in love with the added bit of whimsy.

{image from & found via Lushlee}

Even better though? They went beyond whimsy and added 80s pop culture! (Are they reading my mind now?) I never thought I would be so in love with a Kate Spade/Beastie Boys match-up, but wow...I heart this bracelet!

{found via Design Editor}

Any idea how we can get them to do more of this (and how I can get them to send it all to me for "review")?
tracie @ tsj photography said...

woo-hoo!! loving the clutch!!!

marta said...

i just had to say thank you for the sweet note. heartfelt comments from kind souls like you make all the difference. i appreciate your kindness. i was so worried about posting about my experience and am now feeling like maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to share my feelings. you're a sweetheart. thank you for being so thoughtful.
xo. marta

Deb Heff said...

This is quite possibly the coolest development ever. I *NEED* this bracelet.:) Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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