Knitting Spool

Today we made a knitting spool (or as I keep calling it a knitting tower). Truth be told, it's been on my list of things to make/do since May when I saw this great post and I've just been waiting for the perfect time to do it. Today I really wanted to work on my own crochet project (we'd been out walking all morning and I needed some downtime), so I thought it was the perfect time to set Jack loose crafting during naptime too.

It's totally simple to make. You take an empty tp roll and add 4 popsicle craft sticks to the outside (you can do 6 or 8 if you want, but this is a pretty comfortable amount for kid fingers). Then tape around the outside to secure them (and cover the ugly tube) with masking tape. I'm hoping Jack will decorate the tap at some point as I'm not sure this tape was a great improvement!

They are pretty simple to set up too. Jack watched me do it twice (I had the sticks too far above the tube the first time so redid our spool) and he not only got the knitting part, but knew how to set up the yarn to start too. We followed this tutorial which is really clear and easy to follow. At first it seemed to take a lot of concentration.

But soon he got the hang of it and started burning along. Of course things did not work out so well for me. One row in, Olivia decided she had enough of trying to nap and decided to wake up and play with me! Oh well...Jack kept knitting while Liv & I hung out with him.

Jack had been working for about an hour and a half when Matt got home. At about the same time, he had to stop because it was dinner time and because he ran out of yarn on the scrap ball I gave him to use. He interrupted EJ's tricycle riding to see if his coil was as tall as her. It was for sure!

So the finished product from the knitting tower is this coil or rope. I did some blog searching and came up with using them for rugs, coasters and hotpads by coiling them up into a circle shape. Jack really enjoyed doing this and it kept his hands busy while he watched tv and talked to me. I'd love to encourage him to do this in the future, but...I know I'm going to have to sell the end product first! Does anyone have any great uses for this yarn coil???
Anonymous said...

Look on-line for thing to make out of these snakes. I know I saw a book in a hobby store a while back but no one was making snakes at the time so I don't remember where I saw it. Could be Hobby Lobby as I don't go too many other places, maybe Michaels too.

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