One sheet of paper...

Give us a sheet of paper and a Family Fun magazine and you'd be amazed what we can make! Seriously though, the June/July 2010 issue had a couple great (and easy) ideas that we had to try today.

The first was creating a Magic Book. Sounds intriguing right? You start with one sheet of 8.5 x 11" paper and through a series of folds (and one small cut), you end up with a 2.75 x 4.25" booklet (no staples or tape needed). You can check out the full instructions here.

{image via Family Fun}

Here's a peek at our booklet all spread out to show off the interior pages. It took about 5 minutes to make (tops) and Jack asked that I keep the instructions so he can make another one whenever he needs a new book.

He apparently has some really important things to track in this first booklet though. Very different than my suggestions of writing a story or using it in place of a greeting card.

Our second project began with a printable you can download here. After you print it out, cut it out, and assemble it (and in our case give it some flair by coloring it in), you have this fabulous paper die.

It may not look like much, but it made a 30 minute walk super exciting (and we really didn't go all that far). You see we used the die to go on a Dice every intersection (or alley) we stopped and Jack & EJ took turns rolling the die.

However the die landed was the direction we turned.

I thought this method would take us on some grand path through the neighborhood exploring things we had never seen before.

Instead we ended up walking all the way around our block, then crossing the street and walking around the block north of us! Seriously? You'd have never known we had walked this same path (well maybe not in this order) a million times before though as the kids so excited to see where the die would send us next.

After our walks around the block, we did end up heading about two blocks east of our house but by then it was time to head home for dinner. The kids liked it so much that I've promised to do it again when we have more time (after all the summer classes are over). To add a little more fun to the adventure, I promised that whatever we walk past we can visit/patronize, so the kids are really hoping we end up near the pet store...and the doughnut shop...and the library...the bookstore...the playground...
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