Playroom Photo Finish

The playroom rework is complete! Well almost...we need some new window treatments. I've found shades to replace the lovely rolls we have going, but as they will usually be kept up, we could use some curtains also. Trouble is they are an odd size (28x52") and I'd rather not spend a ton of money. If anyone bumps into that size, please let me know!

So, ignore the windows (and the fact that I still haven't painted the trim/touched up the wall paint) and check out the kids new playspace!

It still has a lot of things inside it, but it's so much more organized. A start was getting the books out of the closets and on these fun shelves in the window space.

The left closet became the game closet/stuff Olivia shouldn't touch closet.

Board games up top

The right closet has all the imagination stuff...we had to expand from the box!

Music area

Kitchen area

We got big kid stuff way up in those top bins.

and left Olivia-safe items in the floor bins.

We added some awesome prints (found here, here & here)!

And the kids added some great art on the other wall (EJ in pink frames, Jack in green, Olivia in blue).

So yeah, it's certainly not perfect or gorgeous, but it's fun, it's organized, and so far it's been working! Next organization office/Jack's office/craft storage room!
southern daze said...

Oh Heather - I love how it turned out! So fun + colorful it makes my heart happy so I can only imagine how much the kids love it. Nicely done!!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love, love, love, love, love it!!! i can't wait to come over and play!! well done my friend!

Karri said...

Fun fun fun!!!!!

Carrie G. said...

Looks great Heather!!! Can you decorate my toy room? :)

beckley said...

yay! cute!

my neighbor is a seamstress. she can make you curtains. she's not pricey.

she's making mine-i'm getting a quote today.

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