Sponge Balls & A Game of Sink or Float?

This is a super easy project that I read about in a magazine well over a year ago (but hadn't done until now). All you need are some sponges (I used packs of Cello sponges so I could get a mix of bright colors), zip cable ties and a scissors. First, cut the sponges into strips (I cut each of the sponges into 4 strips the long way).

Then gather any 8 strips together and band as tightly as possible in the center with a zip tie to make these cute little sponge balls (I let EJ and Jack pick the color combos).

They were a huge hit! For the longest time the two of them only used them to get themselves wet (it was a super hot day & they were just looking to cool off asap).

But then I encouraged some sponge ball fighting and things got a little ugly...but fun!

I can't wait to bust these out the next time we have friends over...sponge war!!! (and EJ is all stocked up on ammunition!)

I swear Olivia gets to join in the outdoor fun (at least a little).

Another easy water project we did this week was to play a game of Sink or Float. Jack and EJ went through the house and found small items that would not be damaged by water (that's all I told them about what we were doing). Then we went outside and they (mostly Jack on this one) predicted if the items would sink or float placing each item by the word they thought it matched.

We took all the "sink" items and tested them. Then cleared the pool and tested all the "float" predictions.

They didn't do too badly. The items on the right side of each word were the ones they guessed incorrectly. I wasn't sure how much they enjoyed this game until they made Matt play with the same items the next night (including filling a small bucket of water in the living room to test his predictions out). Guess it was a hit!

After the game, they got an ice cream sandwich payoff (it was another hot day) and they earned it!

Livie's first bite of ice cream sandwich...she didn't work for it, but she's darn cute (all third kids get whatever they want right?)!

Hope you're all finding ways to stay cool too!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

too, too super cute!!! LOVE the matching swimsuits! and these kids are just getting WAY too big!!!

Unknown said...

yay science! I actually played "sink or float" with a college geoscience lab class once. (only we used rocks, of course!)

Unknown said...

thanks;) I must have read the same article because I was JUST trying to remember the directions;).


Why Can't Summer by All Year Round said...

With a warmer day looming, looking at summer posts to reminisce. The Will it Float game is a classic. This modification is for when they are older:

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