Week 4 Round-up

Froggy's Best Babysitter (Jonathan London)
Julius, The Baby of the World (Kevin Henkes)
Princesses Are Not Perfect (Kate Lum)
Wow! Said the Owl (Tim Hopgood)
The Great Paper Caper (Oliver Jeffers)
The Way Back Home (Oliver Jeffers)
A Garden of Opposites (Nancy Davies)
Life in a Coral Reef (Wendy Pfeffer)
The Little House (Virginia Lee Burton)
Skin Like Milk, Hair of Silk: What are Similies and Metaphors? (Brian P. Cleary)
Break A Leg! And Other Odd Things We Say (Cynthia Klingel)
Going to My Gymnastics Class (Susan Kuklin)
Beezus and Ramona (Beverly Cleary)

{livie got a new car & would be in it 24/7 if we'd let her!}

-find the gears - this is a hunt Matt does with the kids often in the winter because it's easy to do anywhere in the house. He hides similar items (in this case the removable gears from this toy, but you can use any item you have in multiples) around a room and tells them how many he has hidden and then they go crazy trying to find them as fast as possible!
-texture scavenger hunt - We brainstormed a texture, such as smooth or soft, and then the kids searched the room for as many items with that texture as they could find. This one took a lot of time...there are a lot of textures, but it's a simple one to do on the spur of the moment indoors or out.


-4th of July parade
-fishing with Dad & Uncle Chris

-library visit
-zoo to visit the tiger cubs on their 1st birthday

-4th of July cake & strawberries

-chocolate chip cookies
-sponge balls

-sink or float experiments

{ej had her gymnastics open house during her final class...she rocked!!!}

-simple acts of kindness - I helped a man with a flat tire (help was on the way, but he was a dad without a diaper bag so we gave him one of Olivia's) & sparked a conversation where Jack said that all the little things we do make a big difference, so we made our week's help to focus on little ways to help others (opening doors, offering help, sharing what we have, smiling at others)
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lots of fun stuff going on in this house! love ej on the beam!!

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