Week 5 Round-up

Eight Animals Play Ball (Susan Middleton Elya)
Home At Last (Susan Middleton Elya)
Oh No, Gotta Go! (Susan Middleton Elya)
Bebe Goes to the Beach (Susan Middleton Elya)
Good Manners at School (Katie Marsico)
A Book About Color: A Clear and Simple Guide for Young Artists (Mark Gonyea)
The Little Fish That Got Away (Bernadine Cook)
Three Up A Tree (James Marshall)
Satchel Paige (Lesa Cline-Ransome)
The Case of the Mixed-Up Mutts (Dari Hillestad Butler)
Young Cam Jansen and the Baseball Mystery (David A. Adler)
Socks (Beverly Cleary)

-dice walk/explore the hood

-sleepovers at Uncle D's (Jack) & Grandma K's (EJ & Olivia) houses
-geocaching & swimming outing with friends

-library visit
-visit from Jon & Kristi's family

-visited cats, dogs & small animals (rabbits, gerbils, rats--eek!) at the humane society

-new furniture (sounds weird but we did a lot of moving & building this week!)

-magic book
-rainbow pudding pops (recipe here)

{the perfect thing for Olivia's sore gums...stupid new molars!}

{she made it...and she ate that whole thing!}

-summer science fun day

{this is how I find Liv anytime I take out the garbage or even walk anywhere near the door. again, i'd like to remind everyone that she does not walk, but apparently if she gets her sandals on, she won't be left behind!}

-donated dog toys & kitty litter to humane society

Sadie said...

My favorite is the picture of three smiling kids flanking two screaming babies...Perfection!

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