Week 6 Round-up

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (Kadir Nelson)
The Imaginary Garden (Andrew Larsen)
Playing Right Field (Willy Welch)
Mouse Practice (Emily Arnold McCully)
Greedy Apostrophe: A Cautionary Tale (Jan Carr)
Finding Susie (Sandra Day O'Connor)
The Frog Principal (Stephanie Calmenson)
Adios, Tricycle (Susan Middleton Elya)
Eight Animals on the Town (Susan Middleton Elya)
Eight Animals Bake a Cake (Susan Middleton Elya)
Take Me Out To the Ball Game (Maryann Kovalski)
Henry, the Dog with No Tail (Kate Feiffer)
Cool Meals to Start Your Wheels: Easy Recipes for Kids to Cook (Lisa Wagner)
Cool Pizza to Make & Bake: Easy Recipes for Kids to Cook (Lisa Wagner)
Cool Sweets & Treats to Eat: Easy Recipes for Kids to Cook (Lisa Wagner)
The Secret Life of Food (Clare Crespo)
The School Play (Rosemary Wells)
Pet Stories: You Don't Have to Walk (Reading Rainbow Readers)
Magic Tree House #40: Eve of the Emperor Penguin (Mary Pope Osborne)
Otherwise Known as Shelia the Great (Judy Blume)

-I had a great find all set up & ready to go, but our week got CRAZY! It was a hunt that required a field trip we could just never fit in, so...it's been delayed!
-informal finds included searching for the perfect rocks for a project, picking out our donation items for our help project, chasing a moth around the house, and trying to find our way home through crazy flooded streets!

-zoo for kids night event
-library sled dog presentation

-ice cream safari visit #1 to Niemann's

-zoo visit (girls & matt)
-car day trip with Grandma (jack & me)
-visit to friends' ice cream stand for National Ice Cream Day

-library visit
-splash pad visit (where we ran into our friends--yay!)

-attempted to go to Nathan's basketball game...instead did a LONG drive through the flood zone!

-knitting tower
-candy bar cake for Nathan (didn't get delivered & we all want to eat it now!)

-baby blanket completed!
-spent a ton of time on a project for Christmas gifts...it was described as super easy, I'd call is super sucky! I'd like to say it's all finished too, but...

-spent a LOT of time exploring/discussing weather phenomena as the major storm approached and we got stuck in it! (which worked out nicely given our lack of time to get out in the 'hood)

-We went shopping for some items to help the kids at our local Children's Hospital (the same one we donated books to for Olivia's birthday). They have a bunch of fun games, toys, art supplies on their wish list , so we set a $25 limit and headed off to get some great things for a low price (Jack did a great job of being our money manager). Then we dropped them off at the reception desk while Jack was in class (it's that easy).