Week 7 Round-up

Duck (Randy Cecil)
Big Brown Bear's Up and Down Day (David McPhail)
Stella's Dancing Days (Sandy Asher)
The 100th Customer (Byung-Gyu Kim and K.T. Hao)
The Earth Book (Todd Parr)
When Jack Goes Out (Pat Schories)
Rhinos Who Rescue (Julie Mammano)

-We didn't do a formal hunt this week but spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors. Jack did a lot of things in his REI Adventure Journal (many of which were searching activities).
-a long car trip means lots of I Spy games took place this week too!

-birthday parties (jack had two this weekend)

-dinner & playing with cousins
-library visit (EJ completed the 3rd level of Super Reader)

-road trip with cousins & Grandma
-waterfall hikes
-swimming (we attempted the hotel pool but it was broken, so Super Daddy talked the front desk into letting the kids "swim" in a whirlpool suite)

-a ton of paper airplanes (thanks to a new library book)
-camera obscura (instructions here)

-hot rocks
-nature bracelets (instructions here)

-art for playroom

-We did lots of nature exploring this week at home and on a trip to the northwoods. I'll post more on it next week, but let me just say we got up close & personal to a lot of things we don't see every day (the photo below is not in a zoo for instance).

-Jack helped me (was forced to) alphabetize/organize folders for his school