City Mice Go On an Adventure

We took our three little city mice to the country last week and they had a blast! The following photos were snapped during one morning of hiking through the Northwoods of Wisconsin. There are some amazing sights to be seen and the kids loved every second of it! Actually, so did Mom & Dad as we went many years ago (pre-kids) and the water levels were not this high (in fact not even close). Also, one quick note...all of the deer in the pics truly were as crazy close to us as they appear (also, each photo is a different deer...we saw a family of two adults & two babies first and then saw a completely different deer about an hour or so later who was equally friendly)!

{liv is actually laughing at the waterfall shown above! she LOVES water!}

southern daze said...

GORGEOUS!! Where exactly in WI were you?

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

LOVE when my city mice get an adventure like this!! ;)

looks like you guys had an amazing time and Lord knows you deserved it!

Papa Mouse said...

When are we going back?

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