Letter from Paddington

In light of my recent Beverly Cleary post, I have to share a bit about the last time I wrote to an author. It was in second-grade (I think) and we had to send a letter as a class assignment. I don't know who anyone else wrote or if they got a return letter, but I wrote to Michael Bond in England.

You know...this guy (who wrote a lot of books about that little guy he's holding)!

{photo courtesy of paddingtonbear}

And guess what? He wrote me back!!! And it obviously meant a lot to me because I still have it. It was type-written (like on an actual typewriter) and came with a list of his books (also typed and run off on an old copy machine). The postmark has a stamp of Paddington (and is marked 1981...yikes!).

But best of all, he sent this...

I thought it was the coolest thing, but it came too late to share with my class (Duh Heather, next time maybe write someone more local!). I just still think that it is so cool that he went the extra mile for a kid!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

WAY too cute!!

{and my captcha was brastate ... bra.state} hee!

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