My beautiful girls

{Liv is laughing because she just decided to sit down & landed right on EJ's foot}

I had planned to post a big rant about a conversation I had this morning with a store clerk while returning some stuff (that's what I get for buying Jack new underwear...apparently he's too old for Cars undies now, who knew?). I was all kinds of heated up about it and had A LOT to say on the subject (let's just say the conversation should have stopped with "Are they sisters?" but it did not)!

In the end I realized, it's happened before and it will happen again! I may not always have the right words, but hopefully the words I do choose are kind and informative.
My hope is that when people see our family, they realize that the labels of how we all joined this family don't really matter, our love for each other is what is important.

These girls of mine may look strikingly different but their giggles & silliness sure sound the same to me!
southern daze said...

They certainly look like sisters to me!

Leslie said...

Okay, that makes my blood boil, too. All you should have to say is, "Why yes! They are!" and leave it at that. No further explanation should be necessary. Some people . . .

Hugs to those 2 beautiful girlies & their awesome Momma -- I love you ALL!

Jackie said...

Grrrr...I'm with Leslie!

Your girls couldn't be more like sisters if they tried!

And you are so so doesn't matter how your family came to be, it IS the LOVE that matters and I know you Stuarts...there is some major love going on in your family!

Anonymous said...

My mother had a lot of the same conversations...some good, others not so good. After one particularly angering "Is she yours?", my Mom turned to a 6yo me and said, "Always handle yourself with grace and civility in the face of ignorance. If the high road was easy to find, they'd call it something else." I've remembered that saying all of my days. I intend to teach it to my children someday.

She told the clerk, "She chose us to love, and we are so lucky she did."

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